1. Any case accepted by the member of the organization shall bring into the eye of the respective board members.
  2. No member can act against the rules and regulations of the organization.
  3. No member can share the post in social media against the organization
  4. Every member of the state / district/ Mandal must attend to the meeting conducted by the national/ state/ district boards every month and have to actively participate in social welfare activities
  5. Don’t interrupt colleagues when they are speaking
  6. Every person of the organization shall respect the other person irrespective of their cadre.
  7. No member should engage in any activities which are against the law / nation
  8. No one can use abuse language against any other person regarding their religion, caste, community, race, sex, creed, etc.
  9. Every member of the organization shall be accountable for their own action, decisions to the national executive board.
  10. No members should use our organization banner or logo in illegal aspects.
  11. Do not post the matters relating the political, religious, or any matter leads to arouse the controversy in any way in the organization social media, Whatsapp, face book, etc.
  12. Do not use any political or religious poster parallel with NHRP Forum.
  13. Breach of organization protocol leads to termination of your membership while giving prior notice by NEB and NDB.
  14. Every member must inform the immediate upper board while involve in social activities or any aspects related to organization.
  15. Every member should abide to the chairman, NEB, NDB and any other member in the organization.
  16. No member should participate in aspects out of law and against the constitution of India.
  17. If any meeting can be conducted by any board should be announced before three days to the NEB, NDB and related members.
  18. District and Mandal board members shall be collaborate an office for regular meetings and activities related to the organization.
  19. Organization protocol does not affect the personnel liberty any member in the organization.
  20. Every member in the organization must conduct atleast one social welfare activity on behalf of NHRPC organization at a time period of one month after the joining. (This indicates the member shall be actively participating in the social welfare activities and the photography and video of the activity can be share to NEB.)
  21. Members who are non active and non social welfare and human right activities, their membership can be non renewable from next year this leads to cancellation of membership.
  22. All the protocols should be maintained and actions will be taken by NDB.
  23. Every member should strictly follow the above protocol points of the NHRPC organization.